Sample runs

These files are helpful to check your compilation.

Physics research carried out with GS2

Here are PDF versions of slides from Dorland's 2002 EPS talk. This talk summarizes recent progress in understanding tokamak turbulence that has been made by GS2 users and collaborators. The movie on page 39 of the talk can be found here.

Here are the slides from Greg Hammett's talk at the 2002 LMS Durham Astrophysical Fluid Mechanics meeting. This talk describes the application of gyrokinetics to problems in astrophysics. An earlier talk on the same subject is also available.

Here are two talks (1, 2) describing the numerical issues surrounding gyrokinetic simulations and recent results, originally presented at Culham and JET.

The physics of the Dimits shift was first worked out with GS2.

Linear results for benchmarking

Here are some linear ITG and ETG benchmark cases in high aspect-ratio tokamak geometries.

Emily Belli has carried out successful non-axisymmetric benchmarks with Greg Rewoldt.

Nonlinear benchmarks

Nonlinear benchmarks have been carried out with Eulerian and PIC codes.